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reading to graduate (A Course Grade 9-12)...Standards  Assessment  Curriculum  Materials 

Mascot\'s FCAT Reading: Book Three (Student Edition) Grades 8-10. This amazingly user-friendly book makes it easy to incorporate FCAT instruction into regular classes. Loaded with tips, illustrations, and graphics that mirror the actual testMascot\'s FCAT Reading: Book One (Student Edition) Grades 4 and up. Don\'t let FCAT kill the joy of learning. This book for on-level 4th graders combines easy-to-understand instruction with delightful readings-both literary and informational.Reading to Graduate (Student Edition) Grades 9-12. Ideally suited for all your at-risk students, this amazingly user-friendly book makes the difference between passing and not passing.

 These books and the free software come together to provide a greater opportunity to reach students varying learning styles, with instant feedback, assessment, and a plan for the students based on their needs. The books lead students steadily and systematically from easy readings to more challenging readings.    Seated at a computer, the student  must have a copy of the text in hand while working the question on the screen.






The course leads students steadily and systematically from easy readings to more challenging readings. It helps readers to THINK as they read  assesses the required reading benchmarks in a way that ENCOURAGES students, instead of baffling, confusing, and defeating. Systematic and explicit instruction is used  The course and material was based on the following research:  FLARE, a project of the University of Central Florida, Cris Tovani, I Read It, But I Don’t Get It, Eric Jensen, The Learning Brain, and Jeffrey D. Wilhem, Improving Comprehension With Think-Aloud Strategies 

 Instructions for Download

  • For the PC  Double click  Reading To Graduate download the free software, open and follow directions. Revised Aug 2009

  • For the Mac Double click -download, unzip the sit file Reading to Graduate with stuff it, and place the folder into the hard drive. Run Hyperstudio Player.  With the player, open the stack  "Reading to Graduate" or "Home" found inside the folder. Revised Aug 2009




















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